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Manchester City Council Looks to Introduce ‘Slim Bins’

Manchester City Hall

In an effort to cut the amount of waste going to landfills, Manchester City Council is looking to introduce slime-line bins to residents in an effort to cut costs.

The Manchester Evening News has reported that council directors have ordered roughly £1.8 million worth of slim wheelie bins that could half the amount of waste going into them – from 280 litres down to 140.

The intention of the new bins is to save money on landfill costs and encourage residents to recycle more of their waste, with a potential £2.4 million to be saved every single year.

The transition would mean that Manchester would be in line with a number of areas in the Greater Manchester area – where 70 litres per week is permitted.

A spokesperson did point out however, that the overall quantities of the bins had not yet been determined.

Fiona Worrall, director of neighbourhoods for Manchester council said:

“We are always looking for ways to recycle more and save taxpayers’ money. Waste disposal currently costs the city £36m a year, a figure which is set to rise by around £5m next year, and money saved by reducing waste could be spent on other vital services. Our budget includes a savings target of £2.4m a year which is to be achieved by a reduction in our waste disposal costs by increased recycling and not through reduced bin collection costs.

“We will need to continue to work with residents to ensure that as little recyclable waste as possible is thrown away by ensuring the right balance between bin capacity for recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

“We are in the process of buying new bins to enhance and future-proof the city’s bin stock. These new bins will be a range of types and both 240-litre and 140-litre, the sizes already available to residents. Buying in bulk now ensures better value in the long term and will give us increased flexibility. There have been no decisions taken by the council about future eligibility for different bin sizes.”

Bolton town hall has already downsized to 140 litre bins and Trafford cut its collections to fortnightly using 140 litre bins three years ago.

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