Envirovue on a mission to make waste management clearer and cleaner

A large digger sits atop a landfill site, sorting rubbish.

A growing company in North Manchester is working to reduce the waste management industry’s carbon emissions, and has developed technology that is poised to be a big part of the solution.

Envirovue was founded by Directors Alex Trenbath and Dan Redfern in mid- 2020.

Alex and Dan have a shared mission to reduce emissions and costs for their customers by implementing circular approaches alongside administration-reducing technology.

Dan and Alex are backed by the ex-owners and founders of Garic – Gary and Lorne Entwistle – and between the four of them have a wealth of waste and construction expertise.

Together they have created innovative technology that calculates the best routes for waste collection based on carbon emissions and automatically offsets the reduced emission – no extra cost to the customer.

Alex said of the innovative model: “Our best match calculation software benchmarks suppliers based on their locality, emissions and price and service levels. These metrics ensure that our customers have complete transparency throughout the entire waste management process, and are paying the most competitive price with the smallest carbon output.”

Envirovue has also seized upon the opportunity to improve the transparency of the waste removal cycle, with all customers given access to a portal that holds a clear record of all their waste movements, applicable compliance documents and waste licenses as well as live feeds to the Environment Agency’s public register.

Alex continued: “As a young and agile company, we are able to  quickly adapt our technology to integrate with customers processes and systems to reduce administration costs. Alongside this, our technology measures the distances between projects and utilises the closest company for each project, reducing emissions whilst utilising SME providers.

“We believe our way of working has the potential to dramatically improve how waste management manages and reduces its emissions. We’re seeing a large uptake in new clients of all sizes and industries who are looking to reduce their carbon whilst improving inefficiencies. Here’s to leading the change!”

Martin is a journalist and PR executive of Commercial Waste Magazine. He has worked in the commercial waste and recycling industry for over a decade and is dedicated to raising public awareness in the amount of recyclable waste being sent to landfill every year.

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