WRAP requests more involvement in Recycle Week 2016

Recycling Plastic Bottles At Home

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has called for more involvement and participation from local authorities and community groups in this year’s Recycle Week event.

Set to take place on 12-18 September, Recycle Week is part of the Recycle Now initiative, which is funded by WRAP.

To help promote the week, Recycle Now is to release a video based on The Usual Suspects.

Now in its 13th year, 2016 is set to focus on recyclable items that are often forgotten about in the home, such as bleach bottles and deodorant cans.

The benefits of recycling, both at home and in the workplace, is something that has always been a difficult sell to some members of the public, but the video is also set to promote beneficial aspects too.

It also features Ewan Macintosh (Keith from The Office), who took a leading role in the film.

The Recycle Now animation guide says that:

We really want your support to get the film, which will go out in Recycle Week and before that the trailer which will be launched on Monday 22nd August, to reach as many people as possible.

“The film and a film trailer will be released on Recycle Now’s Facebook and on the website.

“It would be really helpful if you would help promote both the film and the trailer by retweeting and sharing Recycle Now’s posts.”

Another two recycling themed weeks are also to take place in September.

Zero Waste Week, organised by blogger and Resource Hot 100 winner, Rachelle Strauss, is to take place from 5-9 September.

Waste Less, Live More week, organised by Keep Britain Tidy, is to take place from 19-25 September and will aim to help people live more while they recycle, by organising events and activities.

Recycle Week in Scotland is set to tackle food waste recycling, where members of the public will be encouraged to request food waste caddies to start recycling food waste in their homes.

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