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UK food industry commits to halving food waste by 2030

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The UK’s largest retailers, food producers, manufacturers, and hospitality and food service companies have committed to a range of milestones set to halve food waste by 2030.

All major retailers alongside 50% of larger food businesses have pledged to drive down the UK’s £20 billion yearly food waste bill.

The roadmap has been developed with IGD and WRAP to reduce the UK’s food waste problem, and encompasses the entire supply chain.

With support of the UK’s largest food trade bodies, September 2019 will act as the first major milestone on the roadmap, which aims to have 50 per cent of the UK’s largest 250 food businesses measuring, reporting, and acting on food waste.

It aims to have all 250 companies taking part by 2026.

Marcus Gover, CEO of WRAP, said: “Together, WRAP and IGD have mobilised industry leaders to create a bold sector-wide Roadmap, showing clearly what UK businesses must do. This Roadmap is hugely ambitious, and I’m delighted that the UK is the first country anywhere to set a nation-wide plan towards delivering its part in SDG 12.3.

“There are many businesses working hard already, but many more need to focus on food waste. If the food sector follows this Roadmap it will significantly accelerate work to achieving both Courtauld 2025, and SDG12.3 targets. And I urge other companies to adopt the principles laid out in the Roadmap and join the rest of the sector on this historic journey.”

Joanne Denney-Finch, Chief Executive of IGD, said: “The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap presents a huge opportunity for every business within the UK food and grocery industry to provide reassurance for shoppers.

“UK shoppers see industry food waste at the top of their priorities and by working together with the total food chain, we’re delighted to have secured a world first, with the UK leading the way in this important area. As a result, I’m confident we will see continued momentum on this high profile initiative.”

The scheme ensures that the UK meets the UN’s sustainable development target of halving per capita global food waste at both retail and consumer level.

The UN estimates that global food waste causes about £770 billion a year in economic losses.

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