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One in five councils take over a week to resolve waste issues

Around 21 per cent of all councils take longer than a week to resolve waste issues a new survey has revealed.

Commissioned by software company Yotta, the survey polled the views of 1,000 people in the UK and discovered high levels of dissatisfaction.

It even found that 8 per cent of people complained to their local council about waste issues only to find their complaint disappearing forever.

Steve White of Yotta said:

For many people, their waste or recycling collection is the only regular contact they have with the local council, yet it is the one aspect of the council’s work most likely to provoke criticism.

“The problem is that many councils still use cumbersome and error-prone paper processes so don’t have accurate or timely records.

“As a result, there’s a disconnect between the waste management crews operating out in the field; management teams working in the back office and the general public looking for quick answers to their queries and complaints.”

Out of the 1,000 people that the company surveyed, it found that 35 per cent have complained to a local authority regarding an issue involving a waste or recycling collection gone awry.

The survey also found that up to 14 per cent of issues in the North East of England are never actually processed by councils.

Despite the apparent negativity, the survey also found that 54 per cent of people’s issues involving waste and recycling were resolved within 48 hours.

Just under 24 per cent were handled within the same day.

Andy has worked as a freelance journalist for a number of years and has been published in some of the UK’s top newspapers. He is now the editor Commercial Waste Magazine and contributes to a large selection of headlines and blog articles on the site.

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