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Biffa goes digital to ensure commercial recycling efforts

Biffa treatment site

Biffa, the UK’s leading sustainable waste management company, has launched a new service to provide virtual waste management audits for businesses where COVID-19 has delayed or prevented visits from the Biffa team.

Since the crisis began, Biffa has been committed to ensuring there is minimal disruption to its customers, whilst also remaining focused on its pledge to help them improve recycling rates.

The new virtual auditing service will be conducted via Microsoft Teams between Biffa and the business in question, allowing Biffa’s teams to quickly assess sites and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Biffa will then instantly deliver recommendations for improving recycling levels and minimising costs.

Northumbrian Water is the first of Biffa’s customers who was delivered a full virtual audit, so that despite the COVID-19 crisis, together they can work to improve recycling levels and segregation of waste.

Biffa’s commitment to helping its customers recycle more forms part of a wider initiative by the company to build a circular economy in the UK when it comes to waste, which in turn underpins Biffa’s long-term sustainability strategy.

Through its work with commercial customers, Biffa helps to reduce waste, identify opportunities for reuse and ensure recycling opportunities are maximised.

Biffa has an ambitious target to increase the recyclable materials it collects from businesses by 50% by 2030, whilst also expecting to quadruple its own recycling capacity in the UK.

Karen Bradley, Head of Corporate Accounts, Construction and Utilities at Biffa, said: “Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges, we have remained focused on ensuring we continue to service our valued customers with minimal disruption.

“Our proactive approach and ability to swiftly adapt has meant that we are able to launch this new virtual waste audit service, so that businesses are not delayed when it comes to reducing their waste and ensuring they are recycling as much as they can.”

Timothy Pamely, Corporate Account Manager at Biffa also commented: “The system will also save time for larger-scale sites that can otherwise require several hours to walk around and play a crucial part in helping businesses maintain recycling levels during an important time.

“We have already completed three audits within the last week, which have identified further recycling opportunities with the added benefit of delivering cost savings to the client”

Lewis Timmins, Category Manager at Northumbrian Water, added: “Biffa have fully supported Northumbrian Water throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, from the outset Biffa has been very proactive to ensure service amendments were actioned without delay and then bringing innovative ideas to ensure the contract promises are being pushed forward.

“In the next few weeks, we are committed to deliver our first virtual audit which will identify further recycling opportunities and deliver cost savings for Northumbrian Water through Biffa’s expert Account Management team”

Martin is a journalist and PR executive of Commercial Waste Magazine. He has worked in the commercial waste and recycling industry for over a decade and is dedicated to raising public awareness in the amount of recyclable waste being sent to landfill every year.

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