Save up to 30% on your current commercial waste costs

Waste Collection Services

  • General Waste
  • Mixed recycling
  • Food waste
  • Waste glass
  • Skip hire

Why Westminster Business Waste?

  • Low prices - save up to 30% on your current commercial waste costs
  • Local knowledge
  • Fast, reliable, and regular connections
  • Free business wheelie bins
  • Environmentally friendly (We aim for zero landfill where possible!)

We cater for all types of businesses

  • Retail waste
  • Warehousing waste
  • Manufacturing waste
  • Waste clearance
  • Pub/restaraunt waste
  • Office waste
  • Garden

Waste Management Westminster

Governed by Westminster City Council, businesses in this iconic area need to meet the increasing demands of both the residential population and the crowds of tourists that visit every year. At Commercial Waste, we can offer services that make recycling in the City of Westminster so simple.

Whether you’re looking to recycle paper, glass, cardboard, food items or even electrical items, we can provide a great range of bins that are suitable for your needs. No matter how big or small your company may be, we can supply you with everything from standard wheelie bins to sizeable rear end loader containers to take the hassle out of responsible waste disposal in the City of Westminster.

Waste Collection Westminster

In addition to being home to many of the country’s most beloved tourist attractions, the City of Westminster also benefits from a number of spacious parks and sprawling green spaces. At Commercial Waste, we believe in responsible waste collection services, regardless of how specialised your industry may be, in order to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

We offer a range of specialised services to support rubbish collection in the City of Westminster. From retail to warehousing waste and agricultural through to more hazardous materials, we can provide a fast, reliable and affordable service with an environmentally friendly focus.

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